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To become a CVAS user, all you need is the CVAS app, which is available for mobile devices in the Google Play and Apple Store, as well as, for Windows and Mac computers.

We have set out below three step by step guides that explain what you will do to get you up and running, and using CVAS, as follows:

Note, please read the first two guides before downloading the app and registering for CVAS.

Guide for Downloading and Installing CVAS

CVAS is accessible on mobile devices and computers. The following outlines how to locate and install the version of the CVAS app most suitable to you.

Step 1: Download the CVAS app

Image of the CVAS logo

Use the links provided below to download CVAS for Windows or Mac Computers.

Click on the version of CVAS suited for your device and the download will begin. Once the download has completed open the install file and follow the installation guide.

Select the Guide for Your Device

Step 2: Install CVAS on Windows Computer

Locate the downloaded file "" and extract its contents, using the "Extract to WindowsCVAS/" option.

In the newly created folder titled "WindowsCVAS" select "Setup.exe" to being the installation process.

Step 3: Approve CVAS for installation

You will see the following:

Select "Install".

Once the installation process is complete the CVAS app will launch, displaying the login screen.

You have now completed the guide for "Downloading and Installing CVAS". New users are encouraged to proceed to the CVAS Registration Guide.

Step 2: Install CVAS on Mac Computer

Locate and open the downloaded file "MaCVAS.dmg" to view the following:

Drag the CVAS icon onto the Applications Folder. Next go to Applications and select the CVAS app.

If you receive the following notification select "OK" and follow the steps below to approve and install the CVAS app.

Step 3: Approve CVAS for installation

Go to System Preferences and select Security and Privacy.

Go to the General Tab. Under Allow apps downloaded from you will see the following:

Select "Open Anyway".

The following notification may appear. If it does, select "Open".

CVAS will now be installed on your Mac Computer.

Step 4: Grant CVAS Permissions

CVAS for computers is just like CVAS for mobile devices. The application must be granted permission to use your device's location, camera and microphone. You will see the following requests for approval, which must be granted for optimal use of CVAS.

Step 5: Accept Terms of Use

To complete the launch of the CVAS application you must accept the terms of use.

Now you have completed the Download and Installation of CVAS.

Here, existing users may log in or new users may register for the service.

To receive notifications of incoming messages and calls select "Allow" for "CVAS Notifications"

You have now completed the guide for "Downloading and Installing CVAS". New users are encouraged to proceed to the CVAS Registration Guide.

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