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To become a CVAS user, all you need is the CVAS app, which is available for mobile devices in the Google Play and Apple Store, as well as, for Windows and Mac computers.

We have set out below three step by step guides that explain what you will do to get you up and running, and using CVAS, as follows:

Note, please read the first two guides before downloading the app and registering for CVAS.

Guide for Downloading and Installing the CVAS App

CVAS is accessible on mobile devices and computers. The following outlines how to locate and install the mobile version of the CVAS app most suitable to you.

To access the desktop versions of the CVAS App click here: Desktop App.

Step 1: Download the CVAS app

On your mobile device, click on the appropriate image below to go directly to the app on either the Google Play or Apple App Store.

The app can also be located in the app stores searching CVAS and looking for the CVAS logo above.

Click INSTALL or GET and once the download and installation is complete the app will be loaded onto your mobile.

Step 2: Open the CVAS app on your mobile phone

Click on the CVAS logo on your mobile to open the app. When the app is first opened you will be presented with requests for permission to access the mobile's Microphone, Camera, Contants and finally the User Agreement. "Accept" all.

Image of the first screen displayed when CVAS app is opened.

The following screen appears.

Image of the first screen displayed when CVAS app is opened.

You have downloaded and installed CVAS on your mobile phone. You are now ready to register for CVAS, the steps for which are explained in the Guide below.

CVAS Registration Guide

Step 1: Review the steps below

You register for CVAS by completing the four forms and following the instructions to complete them included below.

You may request to Pre-register for CVAS and you will receive an email as outlined in Step 6 below. You will then need to complete the last step 7 and then move on to Guide 3. If you prefer to change your password to one that will not be known to CVAS staff, once you have completed the CVAS registration, you click on Change Password in the CVAS app login screen and follow the instructions in the app.

If you do not wish to be registered, please go to Step 2.

Step 2: Complete the User Signup Form

Click on the "Create New Deaf User" button in the CVAS app. The screen shown below will appear. On the form:

  1. Enter a User Name of your choice. The User Name must be at least 6 characters long and cannot contain spaces or any special characters. Then click on “CHECK NAME” to verify the availability of your User Name.
  2. Enter the password of your choice and click on “SHOW PASSWORD” to ensure that you have entered your password correctly.
  3. You will then be able to click “NEXT” to proceed to the second form.

Image of the first registration screen which requests a username, that must be checked for its availbility and a corresponding password.

Step 3: Create Your User Profile

Complete the form below to create your unique user profile. Note for:

  1. Address Line 2 (This input field can be left blank)
  2. State/County: Enter N/A
  3. Postal Code: Leave Blank
  4. Country Code: Enter TT
  5. PSTN Number: Enter the 10-digit mobile phone number, starting with the Trinidad and Tobago area code, 868, for the phone onto which you will download and install the CVAS app.

Once you have entered the requested information, NEXT will become clickable. When you click on NEXT, you will be taken to Step 4 Subscriptions.

Image of the second registration screen which requests the first name, last name, email, address, city, state/county, postal code, country code and PSTN number of the user.

Step 4: Subscriptions

Do not enter anything on the screen below. CVAS does not have any subscription services at this time.

When you click on NEXT, you will be taken to Step 5: Terms and Conditions.

Image of the third registration screen which shows subscriptions. CVAS does not have subscriptions.

Step 5: Terms and Conditions

Please review the Terms and Conditions of Use of CVAS in their entirety and then check the Accept Terms and Conditions box to accept them. CREATE USER will then become clickable.

Image of the fourth registration screen containing the User Terms and Conditions.

Click CREATE USER and you will see the message below. Select Done to exit to the Login screen.

Image of the fifth registration screen displaying the success message received on successfully submitting the registration form.

Step 6: Check Your Email

SEARCH your Inbox, Promotions, Junk Mail or Spam folder for an email from “”, with the subject New User Verification. If you wish to verify the validity of the email, please contact

If the email is not in your Inbox or Promotions folder, it will be in your Junk Mail or Spam folder. Drag the message into your Inbox and it will read:

Image of the email received from CVAS containing the link to complete the final step of the registration process.

In the email, you will CLICK on the link above, which will take you to the final stage of the registration process.

Step 7: Complete the Registration Process

Having clicked on “Click here to continue the setup process”, you will see the screen below.

Image of the final screen in the registration process containing a congratulatory message and confirmation of the successful creation of the user account.

Click on START USING THE SERVICE in the message above and your registration will be complete! You will be taken to the CVAS home page in your web browser, shown below.

There you can click on the menu link to the user guide at the top of the screen to continue to Guide 3, Using CVAS.

You have now completed the CVAS app download and install and registration guides. If you wish to register and start using CVAS now, click the link below. Then return to read the Guide to using CVAS below.


Login & Regular Use

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded the CVAS app and registered. Now you’re ready to use the CVAS app.

Before we get started, you must first Login. Please note, the CVAS app works in the background of your phone. You need to remain logged in to make and receive calls. It operates like WhatsApp and will not deplete your battery life. So please stay logged in.


Click on the CVAS app on your phone. The following screen appears

Image of the CVAS App Login Screen

Now you’re ready to make and receive calls!

Please note, CVAS is dependent on the quality of the Internet service to you and the agent. This may have a direct impact on the service and can cause interruptions. Should that happen, please call back. If you do not reach the same agent, you can ask to be transferred to the agent you were interacting with.


There are four main features in the CVAS app:

  1. Calling Someone
  2. Ending a Call
  3. Receiving a Call
  4. Viewing a Video Mail


To call a hearing person


When you wish to end your call


When a hearing person or an agent calls you, the following screen appears

Image of the screen that appears when there is an incoming call.



If an agent is unable to reach you, they might send you a video mail.

Great, you’re all done! Now you know how to use CVAS. Enjoy!

You’ve read the Guides? You’re ready to register? Download and install the CVAS app, register in the app and start to use the service. Click on the link below to start the process.

Welcome to CVAS - we look forward to being of service to you!

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