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CVAS Guides for Blind Users

To become a CVAS user, all you need is the CVAS app, which is available for mobile devices in the Apple App Play for iOS devices.

We have set out below three step by step guides that explain what you will do to get up and running, and using CVAS.

The three guides are as follows:

Note, please read all three guides before downloading the app and registering for CVAS.

Guide for Downloading and Installing CVAS

Use the link below to download CVAS onto your windows device.

Download Windows App

Locate the downloaded file on your computer and extract the contents. Within the extracted folder run the install application titled 'setup.exe' and select 'Install' when prompted. Once the installation is complete the application will launch and open to the login screen.

You have successfully downloaded and installed the CVAS Windows applications.

Existing users may continue to the Guide to using CVAS. New users may proceed to the next guide on registering for CVAS.

End of Windows CVAS Download and Installation Guide.

CVAS Registration Guide

You register for CVAS by completing four forms. This can now be done from within the CVAS app.

To help you to get up and running on CVAS as quickly as possible, we can pre-register you. Please send an email to the Help Desk at with your first and last name, a username and password, and your email address and smart phone number. You will receive a return email that will outline the next steps to complete your registration, which are also below. The email will also include the Terms and Conditions for the use of CVAS, which would have been accepted on your behalf.

If you do not wish to be pre-registered, go to Step 1 in the various registration guides below.

If you ask to be pre-registered, you will also receive an email as outlined in Step 6 below. You will then need to follow the remaining steps in the Registration Guide and then download and install the CVAS app on your mobile phone. If you prefer to change your password to one that will not be known to CVAS staff, once you have completed the CVAS registration, you can use the "Change Password" option on the log in screen. To locate this option swipe down on the log in screen until the voice over reads "Forgot password button".

If you prefer to complete the registration forms, you will do so by using the commands applicable to your screen reader, which are noted in the step by step instructions below to complete the forms.


If you do not use the Google Chrome browser, you will first need to download it in order to register using the step by step instructions below. Once you have downloaded and installed Chrome, it will ask you if to make Chrome your default browser. Press tab to the Make Default button and press enter. Then a Settings dialogue box will open. Tab until you hear “web browser Microsoft Edge or the name of your original default browser”. Press enter there and tab until you hear “Google Chrome button” and press enter. Google Chrome will then be your default browser.

Note, the instructions below have been based on Windows devices with NVDA and JAWS screen readers.

Step 1 - Form 1: Used to enter a User Name and Password of your choice

  1. After you have read the guide and you press enter on the Register link, you will be taken to Form 1. The registration link that will take you to Form 1 is located on the login screen of the CVAS app.
  2. When you press enter on the Register link, Form 1 will open in Chrome and you will hear, “User sign up dialogue, user name required, the name you will use to log in” and your cursor will be in the first edit field.
  3. There are 3 lines of instructions on Form 1 that relate to your user name. In the event your screen reader does not read them, what the instructions state is:
    Enter a User Name that you would like to use with this program
    And then press 'Check Name' to check its validity
    It must be at least 6 characters long and cannot contain spaces or any special characters.
  4. Enter the User Name of your choice. Then press Tab and you will hear “Check Name button”. Press enter on that button and then press Shift Tab to hear the user name you entered.
  5. If it is not the name you wanted to enter, you will need to re-enter the User Name and re-check to hear it is the User Name you want.
  6. Once your User Name is correct, you will press tab until you hear “Password required. The Password you will use to log in. Required” and your cursor will be on the Password edit field.
  7. There are 3 lines of instructions on Form 1 that relate to your Password. In the event your screen reader does not read them, what the instructions state is: Enter a password that you would like to use with this program. This password will be used to log in to this program. It must be at least 8 characters long.
    This password will be used to log in to this program.
    It must be at least 8 characters long.
  8. Enter the password of your choice.
  9. Press tab until you hear, “Show Password Button”. Press enter on that button. Press Shift Tab and you will hear “Password required. The Password you will use to log in. Edit and then the password you entered”.
  10. If it is not the password you wanted to enter, delete the incorrect password and re-enter the one you want to use and you will hear what you re-entered.
  11. Once your password is correct, press Tab and you will hear “Hide Password”. Press enter to do that.
  12. Press tab and you will hear “Cancel Button”. Press tab again and you will hear “Next Button”. Press enter on the Next Button and you will be taken to Form 2.

Step 2 - Form 2: General information to be entered

You will complete Form 2 by entering the information requested into ten edit fields. Your cursor will already be on the first edit field and you will hear “First name required, edit”. After you have input the information in each edit field, press Tab to move to the next edit field. The names of the ten edit fields are as follows:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Address Line 1
  5. Address Line 2 (This input field can be left blank) press tab
  6. City
  7. For State/County: Enter N/A
  8. For Postal Code: Do not enter anything, leave blank, press tab
  9. Country Code: Enter TT
  10. PSTN Number: Enter the 10-digit mobile phone number (starting with the Trinidad and Tobago area code, 868) for the phone onto which you will download and install the CVAS app.

Having entered the information into the edit fields, the form is complete. Press Tab three times and press enter on NEXT button to continue to Form 3.

Step 3 - Form 3: Subscription services.

CVAS does not have any subscription services available at this time. Your cursor will already be on the NEXT button, so simply press enter to continue to Form 4.

Step 4 - Form 4: The terms and conditions for your use of CVAS.

  1. Form 4 opens, you will hear “Sign up Page, document focus, read only”.
  2. Form 4 contains the Terms and Conditions for the use of CVAS. In the event your screen reader does not read the text, the Terms and Conditions are as follows:


    The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) is implementing a new initiative for Deaf and Blind users in the Caribbean, the Caribbean Video Assistance Service (CVAS). It has launched a pilot project to test and determine how best to operate the service, given that this is a new service in the region. CVAS uses a software platform and a user application known as PUC (Personal Universal Communicator) provided by VTCSecure, Inc. of the United States. CVAS is a free service and as such you may use the service during the testing phase, under the following terms and conditions:

    The CTU and VTCSecure Inc. will not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature from use of CVAS.

    The CTU, its agents and/or affiliates shall not be liable for damages or expenses caused and/or suffered as a result of any use of misunderstandings or miscommunications due to poor or erroneous translations. In particular, neither the agents, CTU, CVAS nor VTCSecure Inc. shall be held liable for the following through use of CVAS:

    • Death or personal injury
    • Damages or loss
    • Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation on the part of the user or the hearing party.

    Agents shall terminate a call deemed in violation of these terms and conditions of use. Any call containing the following shall be terminated immediately:

    • Use of obscene or explicit language;
    • Nudity or the use of sexual gestures;
    • Solicitation;
    • Use of discriminatory language;
    • Use of threatening or violent language; and
    • Any conversation that involves the committing of a crime within or without the country of either party on the call.

    We reserve the right to terminate access to the service by any user deemed to be abusing the service or using it in a manner that is inappropriate, offensive or causes a breach of these terms and conditions.

    We will not share users’ information with companies, organisations or individuals without the consent of the user. However, we may share non-personally identifiable user information with CTU Member States, the media and our partners such as publishers, advertisers, developers, or rights holders.

    That you will not use CVAS and its related websites if you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions stated herein.

    8th May 2020

  3. Please listen to the Terms and Conditions in their entirety.
  4. If you accept the Accept Terms and Conditions, press space bar to check the box and you will hear “Check”.
  5. Press the down arrow three times until you hear “CREATE USER button”. Press enter on that button to continue.

Step 5

A new screen will then open. Press Control Home to go to the top of the screen and you will hear “Success”. Press on the down arrow and you will hear the remainder of the narrative on that screen indicating you are to go to your email inbox.

Step 6

You will then go to your email inbox to complete the next steps of set up process.

Step 7

Search your Inbox and Promotions folders for the email and, if it is not there, your Junk Mail or Spam folders, for an email from, with the subject New User Verification. If you wish to verify the validity of the email, please contact

Step 8

If the email is in your Junk Mail or Spam folder, move the message into your Inbox in order to read it properly.

Step 9

When you open the email, you will hear “Your first name, Thank you for signing up with our service. Please press on the link below to continue the setup process. Press here to continue the setup process.”

Step 10

A new screen will open and you will hear a message of Congratulations, which will say:
“You have now been successfully registered as a CVAS user. However, to use the service, you must download and install the CVAS app. Press on the link in the email, which says “(START USING THE SERVICE)”.

Step 11

Once you press enter on the link in the email, you will be taken to the CVAS website home page. For now, please press enter on the link below to go to the Guide to using the CVAS app on your mobile phone, which is the final Guide of the three Guides for Blind Users.

Guide for Using CVAS

End of Windows CVAS Registration Guide

Guide to using CVAS

Please review the steps below that explain how to use CVAS.

Step 1 - Login

To log in for first time, open the CVAS application and you will hear “Username edit box CVAS”. CVAS will already be in the first input field at the top of the log in screen. Enter your user name.

Then, locate the next field and you will hear “Editing Password Edit box”. Enter your password.

Locate the Login button and select it to log into the application.

After you have logged in for the first time, you will remain logged in unless you choose to log out of the application.

Below is a description of the other important items contained on the Welcome screen:

  1. Navigate the app until you hear “Welcome, your user name and My Contacts”.
  2. Continue navigating and you will hear “Favourites”, which will already have included the contacts from you mobile phone.
  3. Continue navigating and you hear History button, which will contain a history of the calls you make.
  4. Continue navigating to get to the dial pad button where you dial numbers on the dial pad to make a call.
  5. Continue navigating to Contacts where you can access your contact list here.
  6. Continue navigating to get to Chat, which will contain all the CVAS text messages you receive.
  7. Continue navigating and finally, you will hear “More”. This button opens up a dropdown menu, which contains the following options, “Settings, Resources, Self-preview and Voicemail”.

Step 2 - Making a Call

Having logged in, to make a call, select Dial pad. The dial pad is the usual dial pad you are accustomed to on a mobile device. Dial 0, then navigate to the video call button and select it to make a video call so that the agent will see and be able to assist you.

Step 3 - Speaking with an agent

Once you call using CVAS, you will be connected to an agent. Simply tell the agent about the assistance you need and they will provide it by using the camera on your mobile device.

Remember, CVAS is dependent on the quality of the Internet service to you and the agent. This may have a direct impact on the service and can cause interruptions. Should that happen, please call back. If you do not reach the same agent, you can ask to be transferred to the agent you were interacting with.

Step 4 - Ending your call

To end your call, navigate until you hear “hang up call” and then do so.

Step 5 - Logging out of CVAS

Should you need to log out of CVAS, navigate to the “More” option on the welcome screen and open the menu. Then, navigate to “Settings” and continue until you “logout” and select this option. You will hear “Logout?”. Navigate to the yes button, select it and you will be logged out. You will be logged out of CVAS and returned to the Login screen for the CVAS Network.

Step 6 – If you forget your password

If you need a new password, send an email to and ask for a temporary password to be provided to you.

Step 7 – If you want to change your password

Use the Change Password link that you will see on the Log in page of the CVAS app. Note you must know your old password to use this link.


You have now completed reviewing the three CVAS User Guides.

Welcome to CVAS - we look forward to being of service to you!
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