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Welcome to the Caribbean Video Assistance Service!

The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) is pleased to introduce the Caribbean Video Assistance Service (CVAS), an important new initiative to help people who are Deaf or Blind. CVAS is completely free to use. The CTU believes that CVAS will enhance the quality of the lives of Caribbean citizens. The CTU and its partners are excited that this important service is now available , the first of its kind in the Caribbean.

So what does CVAS offer?: For people who are Deaf and use sign language, the service allows them to use their smartphone to communicate with hearing parties and have them call back should the need arise. And, for people who are Blind, CVAS allows them to use a smartphone to get assistance when they need the help of someone who is sighted. These services are made possible by the agents who operate CVAS. The agents are also sign language interpreters and assist both communities.

This is just the beginning. As CVAS develops, more services will be offered to its users.

Can you demonstrate how CVAS works?: Have a look at the videos below that demonstrate how CVAS works. The video for people who are Blind has audio description.

Assistance For The Deaf

A Deaf user needs to speak with his attorney. He calls a CVAS agent, who makes it possible for him to speak directly with the attorney’s office manager. And if need be, the attorney can call back to speak with the user via a CVAS agent.

The CVAS App is now available.

Assistance For The Blind

Agents are available to assist blind users when they need someone to help them see. Need to identify your medication? Simply call an agent who will assist you. See how it’s done in this video with audio description.

The CVAS App is now available.

Your Questions About CVAS – Answered!

What do I need to become a CVAS User?

You will need a smartphone with Internet access and the CVAS app to connect to the agents.

Steps to become part pf CVAS

So what are the steps to become part of CVAS?

First, download and the free CVAS app which is available for mobile devices in the Google Play and Apple Store, as well as, for Windows and Mac computers.   Then within the app, register to use CVAS. You can view all our download options by clicking here.

Then read the User Guides that provide you with step-by-step instructions to get you up and running.

Relay Service Image

And, how do I actually use CVAS?

As a user who is Deaf, you use the CVAS app to connect to and sign to an agent (who is a sign language interpreter), who relays what you say to the hearing person you wish to speak with and vice-versa. As a user who is Blind, you use the CVAS app to call an agent, who will provide you with sighted assistance, remotely.

User Guides

Now that you know how CVAS works and how you can be a part of it, please click on the appropriate link below that will take you to the User Guides.

The guides explain how you get the CVAS app, register with CVAS and use the service.

You’ve read the User Guides? Ready to get started?

Select the appropriate link below.

Start using CVAS today!

For important general information on CVAS Click Here or email

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