Welcome to the Caribbean Video Assistance Service Registration Guide for Deaf Users!

CVAS Registration Guide for Deaf Users

Clicking the register button will take you to the SOLVES User Signup form. SOLVES is the platform that CVAS uses to provide the services.

Complete the form shown below by entering a User Name and password of your choice. Be sure to "CHECK NAME" availability before selecting Next to proceed to the next form.

Image showing the username and password form

Complete the next form to create your unique user profile. Note for:

  1. State/County: Enter N/A
  2. Postal Code: Leave blank
  3. Country Code: Change to TT
  4. PSTN Number: Enter your 10-digit cell phone number including the area code 868 for the phone on which you will download the Personal Universal Communicator, PUC.

Once you have entered the requested information, Next will become clickable.

Image displaying the screen registration screen where the user profile information is entered

Do not enter anything on the screen below. CVAS does not have any subscription services at this time.

Select NEXT to proceed.

Image displaying the Subcription Page where nothing is entered.

PLEASE READ the Terms and Conditions of Use of CVAS in their entirety. CLICK the Accept Terms and Conditions box to accept them, and CREATE USER will become clickable.


Image displaying the terms and conditions.

You will then receive the message below:

Image confirming successful creation of a user account.

SEARCH your Inbox, Junk Mail or Spam folder for an email from “donotreply@puc.network”, with the subject New User Verification.

DRAG the email, if it is not in your Inbox, from your Junk Mail or Spam folder into your Inbox. If it is in your Inbox, please drag the message into your Inbox and it will read:
Your first name,
Thank you for signing up with our service. Please click on the link below to continue the setup process.
Click here to continue the setup process
In the email CLICK on the hyperlink to proceed.

Image showing the email received.

Image showing the CVAS Contacts display in the PUC app

CLICK on START USING THE SERVICE. This will take you to the CVAS website, which provides instructions on how to download, install and configure the PUC app on your device.

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: +1(868)628-0281ext234

: cvas@ctu.int

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